A New Word Game

Word Harvest is a challenging yet casual solo 'pen and paper' word game, which combines the best of anagram word-making and puzzle games. Word Harvest offers a two-fold challenge of collecting the letters to build words, and constructing the words themselves. The better, more efficient you do the first part (Harvesting) the more possibility there is to make high-scoring words in the second (Construction). Download the free starter puzzles and rules, and get playing now!

How Does it Work?

  • Long words are great for scoring, but you're also rewarded for how many words you make.

    Hot Tips

  • Harvesting is important, efficiency is critical to high scores, but balance is still key.

    Gosh that was cryptic!

  • Three puzzles are included in the starter PDF, look out for more in the future.

    Word Harvest is addictive

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